Holiday Season- Geeky Gifts to Give

If you’re looking around town or online to find the perfect geeky gift for your significant other, family member, or friend, then there are a bunch of items out there to make everyone’s holiday season full of techy wonder.

Holiday Season- Geeky Gifts to Give

Geeky Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Let’s start with getting your geeky loved one a trip back into the past as they take a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s this holiday season with the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. If you’ve remember blowing the cartridges for them to run properly on the NES way before, then this new version won’t have you do that any longer, except lets you, or the person you’re going to give this to, to play all those 8-bit games when they were a kid. The original Pac Man, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, and so much more can all be found in this mini console. This is perhaps the perfect gift to give for the holidays, well, that is if you can find it. This is because the console is such a massive hit that stores both online and offline are now reporting to have diminishing or absolutely no more stocks left for the device. So if you find one, better purchase it quick.

Moving forward, while the Nintendo NES Classic Edition would cost below a hundred dollars, if you have the cash, and if you really, really, really love the person, then you might want to give them an iPhone 7 for the holidays. The latest in the line of smarthpones from the Cupertino, California-based tech firm brings about an all new 12-megapixel rear snapper, along with a bunch of new features and hardware. Furthermore, it is now made water and dust resistance, so bringing it alongside the pool should now pose little problems.

But what if the person is not a fan of Apple’s products but would still want a new smartphone for the holiday season? Then the answer to that question would have to be the new phone brought to us by Google itself, the Pixel. With the Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, it brings about a new era in smartphone technology for the Internet  giant. It even has Google Assistant built into it, and this smart assistant gains access to Google’s ever expanding database to help you out. Furthermore, it has been touted with the “best smartphone camera ever,” and that might not just be a tall claim since pictures and reports are now coming in that it might very well have the greatest performing rear camera to-date, and it can even perform really well under low-light conditions.


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