Honor 8 – Things to Know About the Smartphone

The Honor 8 looks like it is heading to United States shores soon, and this comes with the European launch that will take place in Paris later next month. There will be an event that is already scheduled for the 16th of August in San Francisco. This will be the second Honor phone from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei that will be brought to the US, the first one being the Honor 5X which was released earlier this year. Speaking of the Honor 5X, those who have experienced it was met with mixed emotions as it did have its positive points, but it has a sluggish performance, a fingerprint magnet of a screen, and it came with an older version of the Android operating system right out of the box. However, this newer model seems to be like a serious improvement than the 5X.

Honor 8 - Things to Know About the Smartphone

What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Huawei Honor 8

If you’ve ever heard, or read, or even experienced the Huawei P9, then the Honor 8 is essentially just like that. However, the P9 never made it to US shores, therefore this upcoming smartphone might be (relatively) the closest thing to that. When looking at its design, the differences between the two phones are plentiful, but when you look at what’s inside and this is essentially just a carbon copy of the P9.

The Huawei Honor 8 is powered by a Kirin 950 processor which is mated to 3GB of RAB, 32GB of internal storage, and the famous (and still quite unique) dual rear camera setup. The dual camera setup combines a color sensor and a grayscale sensor to improve overall contrast within the image. It aso delivers better depth-of-field after-effects. On other areas, the phone packs a 3,000mAh battery, connectivity is that of a USB Type-C variety, and it even has QuickCharge support.

It is also expected that this upcoming smartphone from Huawei will have the best custom-made Android operating system from the company yet. Dubbed as the EMUI software, it was always deemed as a mixed bag throughout many of the company’s handsets as it did have some questionable design decisions. For instance, there are weirdly colored icon backgrounds, and there were frequent software bugs that are brought to the annoyance of users.

However, the Honor 8 comes with the EMUI 4.1, in which can also be seen and experienced with the P9. It is based out of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system, and this is a big deal since it slowly chips away at the negative aspects of the firm’s custom-made operating system. It even corrects the quibbles with regards to the software’s design.


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Honor 8 – Things to Know About the Smartphone
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