Horizon Chase Review – An Arcade Style Racer

Horizon Chase is so obviously inspired by an arcade style racing game. Racing across a series of US-themed locations with visuals that is familiar to racers that played other games like Sega’s Outrun. The game is about dodging traffic and getting through a sea of cars while brawling it out with other opponents. The ability to steer left or right varies with some virtual buttons on the left side of the screen and on the right is the acceleration button; letting go of the acceleration button causes the car to break. It focuses not on throwing impossible twists and turns but rather by giving the player a bunch of cars to avoid instead. Contact either with cars or the edge of the track will cause the slow momentum of the player which might cause the chances of winning the race lesser.

Horizon Chase Review - An Arcade Style Racer

Horizon Chase is Similar to Sega’s Outrun

Horizon Chase is an easier task than many of the games with the same genre it is inspired by, mostly because it is mindful that it would not sit well on a touchscreen device when the game is predominantly nimble-fingered. As such, it accomplishes to give the impression of a harder task to fall over than it actually is, giving the player the view of a tricky arcade racing game without letting the player get on the unpleasant side of the game that is typically seen in the older versions of the game.

The whole package for the Horizon Chase game works and the player does not essentially notice that it I not exactly what it implies to be, however, by no means it is a very easy game to master. The player can get additional trinkets like fuel cans, credits, and even nitro burst refills which will help the racer in completing the race. Getting the additional knick-knacks will be a big help to the player in finishing the race with the highest rank as possible. The player can also link the game to his Facebook account and see where he ranks with his Facebook friends. The game is really easy to understand as its level of difficulty varies up steadily and is agreeably hooked with an upgrading system that enables the player to keep up with the pace. It is by no means a game that is going to tremor up the genre, but it manages to offer up a whole new level of fun.

Horizon Chase is perfectly mobile friendly while serving up the essence of an arcade racing game of the past. Its tracks are skillfully designed for virtual controls that the player would not think of it as too easy or too complex.


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Horizon Chase Review – An Arcade Style Racer
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