Hotspot Shield VPN Review – Tempting Asking Price With a Compelling Performance

The Hotspot Shield VPN, developed by AnchorFree, is a service that is best known for its free account. Even though it allows users to use its services free-of-charge for 7-days before you have to pay for a subscription, the features being offered in the free version are already too compelling that you might not mind paying the extra amount of cash to go premium.

Hotspot Shield VPN Review - Tempting Asking Price With a Compelling Performance

The Hotspot Shield VPN Presents a Very Compelling Performance Right From the Get-Go

The Hotspot Shield VPN comes as a computer application, and the graphical user interface (GUI) is compact and very straightforward. The features that you want to use can easily be accessed with a few simple clicks of the mouse button. In fact, connecting, changing your location, and the information that you need to know to connect and while being connected can easily be seen within the application.

There are also an array of buttons that can  easily be accessed so that you can directly go to your favorite websites with a simple click. Some of these buttons include Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and HBO. Clicking on these will immediately open your default browser at that address.

As mentioned earlier, making use of Hotspot Shield is very easy and simple. There is only a very small number of settings within the app. Perhaps the most-important feature is that it can automatically turn on the product for unsafe Wi-Fi hotspots, thereby preventing leaks and keeping your secure information, well, secure.

Results from using the program and its offered services are more than average. In fact, they were downright excellent. Latency performance showed to be a bit faster than normal Internet connectivity speeds.

So is this the perfect VPN to use? It’s still far from being there, but it certainly sits with one of the more excellent choices out there. If there were any shortcomings that the service offers, is that the number of locations to select is really limited.

However, Hotspot Shield VPN and its offered features make itself a very compelling choice. You might even want to continue to going for the paid subscription right after the free trial is over. With its better speeds and lower price point as compared to other VPN services out there, users will be able to provide a more secure browsing method when accessing different IP locations for their browsing pleasures. Just try out the 7-day free trial to check it out for yourself.


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