How to Add Music to Google Slides

How to Add Music to Google Slides

Google is one of the greatest tech giants in the world right now and is loved by everyone all over the world. What makes Google so great is the fact that they have made it their job to provide people with software that not only connects them to one global network but is also easy to use and practical. The company is always releasing programs and apps that are a joy to use and have made the lives of many people out there a whole lot easier, many people are familiar with Google Docs and Google Sheets; Google’s version of spreadsheet and word software that works amazingly well. They also have their own presentation slide-making software known as Google Slides.

What is Google Slides?

Google Slides is a simple yet powerful presentation making software that provides people with the tools to make top-notch presentations that are impactful and are bound to captivate any audience. Slide shows are all about visuals and how the information on them is presented, to make any presentation captivating the slides have to be well designed, and the people presenting should have a solid coordination which allows them to present effectively.

Google Slides provides individuals with the ability to make sure that both of these important factors are on point, the software has thousands of templates, fonts, and designs available that can be edited or used as they are to create a visually stunning slideshow. It also provides people with the option to add video files, animations, images and so much more to add more depth to your presentation so that when your audience sees it through the projector not only are they fascinated by the slides but they are also able to grasp the topic being presented fully.

The best thing about Google slides is that it’s compatible with Microsoft’s PowerPoint which is used more widely, Google Slides files can be converted to PowerPoint Slides and vice versa. The only problem with Google Slides is that it does not have any options to add audio to a slideshow.

How to Add Music to Google Slides:

The right audio in the background at the right time can make any presentation all the more captivating and impactful, many people make use of background music to make boring topics more bearable for the audience as well. However, Google Slides doesn’t give any option to add audio to a slide show, while this is disappointing it doesn’t mean that adding audio to a Google Slides file is impossible, a simple workaround can give you the audio that you need; all that you need to make it possible is internet access while you are presenting.

There are two ways of adding audio to Google Slides, one is to go to any online music service such as Soundcloud or Spotify and find the track that you want to play, once you’ve found it simply copy its URL or link and paste it in a textbox on any slide that you want. This pasted text will now turn into a link that you can press on to open the track in a separate tab, the track will start playing in the background and will continue to do so until you close it yourself. You can resize the link, move it around on the slide and even cover it with an image if it ruins the visuals of your slide

Another way of playing audio while you present Google Slides files is to go to YouTube, find the video of any track that you want and either copy its link and repeat the steps mentioned above or go to the “Insert Video From”, type your query and select any video from YouTube that you want. The video now becomes a part of your presentation, and you can move it around and resize it to get it out of the way, this method is more suitable for when you want to use a music video to make a point on a certain slide as the video stops playing once you switch slides.

These two methods of adding audio to any Google Slides slideshow are simple and don’t take any time to do at all, and they’re bound to make your presentations even more impactful than before.


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How to Add Music to Google Slides
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