HP Pavilion Wave – The Computer Disguised as a Speaker

One look at the HP Pavilion Wave and you might immediately think that it’s a neat-looking speaker, but it is far from it. It is, in fact, a home-theater PC wherein many would mistake it for a luxurious-looking Bluetooth speaker. With its design, it will fit perfectly within a niche of devices that will complete your home-entertainment center. Furthermore, its looks would want to make you display it for everyone in the house to see, including your guests.

HP Pavilion Wave - The Computer Disguised as a Speaker

The HP Pavilion Wave is a Beautiful-Looking Home Entertainment Computer

For its dimensions, the HP Pavilion Wave comes with measurements of 6.81 x 6.62 x 10.29-inches, and it immediately draws attention to itself because of its cylindrical, triangular, and rounded orientation. One look at the device, and you would think that it is a subwoofer for a speaker setup, or an over-the-top Bluetooth speaker. While it does have these qualities, it is also worth mentioning that the computer has its own built-in speaker, and the audio comes out right on top of it. There is a lid that bears the HP logo in which hides the gadget’s speakers and ventilation vents.

Even though this is a full-blown computer, the Wave has an audio experience that is not to be trifled with. This is because of the Bang & Olufsen speakers. Its audio system is able to dish out bass and treble at 360-degrees, instead of the forward-firing setup of traditional computer speakers.

Furthermore, the vents are placed in such a perfect location that heat being generated by the computer is easily dissipated. This is because warm air has a natural tendency to go up. Therefore, those who are planning on purchasing this computer will be able to appreciate the design even more.

With its looks, it is also easy to compare HP’s offering with the Apple Mac Pro, but it should be noted that you should not compare both in terms of processing power. This is because the power of HP’s computer is fine-tuned so that it will act as the centerpiece of your home entertainment system. The brains behind the device is that of a quad-core, Intel Core i3 (or i5) CPU, and it is mated with 8GB of DDR4 RAM. For storage, you will get 128 GB SSD, but there is a 1TB option for those who are willing to pay more.

The HP Pavilion Wave is a marvelous piece of technology from the outside, right down to its hardware specifications. Its built-in audio system is top-notch, for a computer. It will easily find itself right into the homes of people who want a much needed boost for their home entertainment system.


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