HP Pavilion x360 15-bk062sa Review – An Entry-Level Beauty

Looking (not touching) at the HP Pavilion x360 15-bk062sa, and you might immediately think that it might cost a lot because it is quite a beauty for the eyes. However, once you take a closer look, especially at its price tag, then you would know that it is a low-cost device that is found at the entry-level portions of the market. It is clear that this machine is aimed towards first-time purchasers or for students who want to get work done in a more convenient manner. While it is located in a budget-friendly point, it does add some features that are located in higher-priced machines such as a touch capacitive screen, as well as a 360-degree hinge. Hence, this is not just a mere laptop but a budget-sensitive hybrid device.

HP Pavilion x360 15-bk062sa Review - An Entry-Level Beauty

The HP Pavilion x360 15-bk062sa Brings Hybrid Technology in a Low-Budget Price Point

Even though this is primarily a convertible machine, the HP Pavilion x360 15-bk062sa is still your typical 15.6-inch laptop. It comes with dimensions of 23.9 x 382 x 250-millimeters, and it has a weight of 2.3-kilograms. Hence, it might be a bit heavier than most 15-inch laptops out there, and you would definitely feel that weight over time when you’re carrying it around inside your backpack.

If you’re a fan of bold colors in your gadgetry, then you would feel right at home with the 15-bk062sa. On the outside of the unit, it is mostly donned out of metallic red, and the interior has a contrasting matte-black finish. As mentioned earlier, it does look the part of a higher-priced device. However, the actual experience is undeniably low-end.

For starters, the act of flipping the screen around is more difficult than most. In fact, it is made to be more challenging that what it should be. The display on the device is held down on the keyboard by magnets, but they are not particularly all that powerful. It is quite difficult to grip the two parts of the hybrid device together to pry them apart due to the edges of the casing are made to be more rounded than many.

As for performance, the HP Pavilion x360 15-bk062sa is powered by an Intel Core i3-6100U CPU which is mated to 8GB of RAM. These are pretty decent for a low-end machine, and it even has a large-enough 1TB hard drive. The display is able to give a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution for the images, and the panel is of the IPS variety. Overall, this is a pretty solid choice, but there are some niggles here-and-there that you have to deal with should you really consider purchasing this.


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