HP ProBook 455 G3 Review – Durability Meets Style

With the HP ProBook 455 G3, the known tech firm is trying to spring up their sales by targeting customers within the business districts. This laptop is of the durable variety but it still has a premium feel to it. When it comes to its design, this is primarily an upgrade to the company’s own 255 G3 model. Hence, this “upgraded” model feels more “mature,” and more expensive to boot. However, even though there have been boosts in performance and hardware specs, it is surprisingly not that much capable, especially when pushing it to its limits. In other words, there are still other business-focused laptops out there that can do better.

HP ProBook 455 G3 Review - Durability Meets Style

The HP ProBook 455 G3 Presents Style and Ruggedness, But Nothing Much Can be Said About Performance

The HP ProBook 455 G3 is brought into the market with premium materials, and the look includes a brushed aluminum pattern found on the keyboard case. As for the build quality, it is nothing short of robust, and it does feel like it can survive a drop without you having to worry (too much). Speaking of its ruggedness, the space found on each side of the wrist rest is solidly built, and they do resist flex quite well. However, the entire machine has a total weight of 4.6-pounds, which means that this 15-inch laptop is not exactly what you can call “light weight.”

For its looks, you will get a dark gray plastic lid with the reflective HP logo found dead center. With its color choice, the ProBook 455 G3 makes for a moody, yet professional appearance. When you open up the lid, you will be greeted with a combination of metal and plastic materials. It also has a stylish mesh speaker grille, and it is joined with a matte-black keyboard and a silver trackpad.

The brains behind the laptop is an AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6 APU, and it features 10 compute cores. The processor is then mated to 4GB of RAM, which is pretty decent. However, there is the occasional hiccup when you’re opening multiple browser windows and tabs. However, perhaps the most offensive, and perhaps even most deal-breaking feature of this particular laptop is its display.

The HP ProBook 455 G3 sports a monitor that has a native resolution of 1,366 x 768-pixels, which is far from impressive. Color contrast and saturation are basic, and even when you max out the brightness setting, it is still quite difficult to get any work done when outdoors. Ultimately, there are other business-focused laptops out there that can do better, especially when it comes to the display.


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