HP Sprocket Photo Printer Review – A Simple Way to Print Photos From Your Smartphone

Many smartphone-tography enthusiasts have the trouble of finding ways to print their vast storage space of pictures, but with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer, perhaps all those challenges will be laid to rest. Well, most of them anyway. With this particular model, it provides easy access to print your photos found inside your smartphone. It is even compact enough to be placed inside a bag. Also, you don’t have to hassle yourself with ink cartridges, and the internal battery lets you print anywhere if you want immediate photos to share that won’t just be inside your favorite social media accounts.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Review - A Simple Way to Print Photos From Your Smartphone

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer Might Give the Fujifilm Instax a Run for its Money

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is so small that it is roughly the same size as a full deck of playing cards. It is even smaller and more compact than most phones. It is even lighter than most modern handsets with its weight of 6-ouncs. For color variations, there are only two: Black or White. As for the controls, they are as simple as it can be. There’s just the power button, a light that indicates the battery power, and a port for the USB where the charging cable connects.

Setting the HP Sprocket with your smartphone and using the accompanying app could not be any easier. All you have to do is charge the device (of course) then connect it to your handset through a Bluetooth connection. Oh, and it can also connect via NFC as well. The mobile application is free to be downloaded and installed on  IOS and Android devices (sorry Windows phones). Once the pairing has been completed, all you need to do is to tell the mini-printer what you want to print and wait for the output to come out.

Each photo takes approximately 40-seconds to be completed, and the device works its magic quite silently. Because of the lack of sound coming out of it, you might not even be sure if it was even turned on if it weren’t for the light indicators. Print quality is decent enough, but with the quality of photos being captured by many smartphone cameras, you can’t complain too much. In other words, you can’t complain about the printout of a photo taken from a 5-megapixel smartphone camera without any image enhancing capabilities.

However, the HP Sprocket Photo Printer makes a great option for people who want photos to stick on their refrigerator door. It is also great for individuals who like to make scrapbooks of their daily lives, or if you just want to have physical copies of your photos instead of just digital ones inside social media.


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HP Sprocket Photo Printer Review – A Simple Way to Print Photos From Your Smartphone
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