HP x4500 Review – Don’t Let Go

When you’re in the market to look for a good computer mouse, perhaps the primary reason as to why you’re doing this is because you’re old one doesn’t work quite as good anymore; however, one look at the HP x4500 and you might immediately reach out for your wallet, even when you don’t need  a new mouse at the moment. It has a sloping surface as well as a large thumb rest that will enable you to hold it in a natural position which allows for all-day comfort. It also has a small wireless receiver that does offer the ease of plug-and-lay usability. Furthermore, the laser sensor offers razor-sharp precision, which means that it can be used on many types of surfaces. However, if you’re a lefty, then you might want to look somewhere else.

HP x4500 Review - Don't Let Go

The HP x4500 Promotes a More Natural Way of Holding a Computer Mouse

Even though the HP x4500 has an ergonomic and comfortable design, as well as letting users take advantage of its razor-sharp laser sensor, these elements are not its main selling point. What might make you immediately reach out for your wallet is its budget-friendly price tag. There are many ergonomically-shaped computer mice out there that are priced within the high-ends of the market, even when they don’t offer that many features. While HP’s offering does not offer a lot of functionalities, you wouldn’t complain much because of its price tag.

In terms of design, the x4500 keeps everything relatively simple with its standard left and right mouse click buttons found on the top. There’s also the notched scroll wheel in the middle, in which it does work as a third button. All of these come as a pretty standard offering as far as computer mice go.

The package does not include drivers that you have to install, because you won’t need to. All you have to do is to plug in the wireless receiver into your computer and the mouse can already be used. However, this also means that this particular mouse does not work with tablets. Nevertheless, the product page for the device states that the mouse works with all modern Microsoft Windows Systems, but it also works on Mac computers and Google Chromebooks.

If you’re on a tight budget and would want an ergonomically-built computer mouse, then the HP x4500 would have to be your primary choice. However, for those that want a better performing mouse that can track on just about anything, then you can pay just a bit more for the brand’s own MX Master.


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HP x4500 Review – Don’t Let Go
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