HP ZBook Studio G3 Review – A Mathematical and Multimedia Workhorse

What is the HP ZBook Studio G3? Simply put, it is a business laptop, but it is future-proof. It has a 4K screen and it has ISV-certified components, and with these features you will be able to tackle on many projects that are found within the architectural, scientific, mathematical, and multimedia fields. It is also quite lightweight, which is great for professionals within the aforementioned fields to carry their work around while on-the-go.

HP ZBook Studio G3 Review - A Mathematical and Multimedia Workhorse

The HP ZBook Studio G3 is a Solid Choice for Many Professionals

When looking at it from a distance, the HP ZBook Studio G3 does look like a large business laptop with a big screen. It has a top lid that has a rather faint pinhole pattern etched onto its surface. This design choice makes it look like a cracker just to keep it from bulging outwards because of the power it holds within.  Because of this, it is definitely a unique design choice than most.

As for its dimensions, the ZBook Studio G3 comes with measurements of 0.7 x 14.8 x 10.0-inches, and it weighs a relatively light 4.6-pounds. While you might compare it to other really light laptops like the MacBook AIr, do note that the extra heft found in this particular workstation makes for better use for professionals found in certain niches, and this can be a great boon for those certain individuals. Just like with many other business-friendly laptops, it has a chassis that is designed to pass the MIL-STD 820G testing for durability, but it should be noted that it hasn’t been certified as such.

For the display, you will take advantage of a 15.6-inch IPS panel with a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution. Therefore, there is a lot of screen real-estate to go through to work with your photos, drafting tools, scientific data, or mathematical equations. The images and text being displayed are all sharp, and you will also be able to see the finer details in your photos. As an added bonus, this particular workstation also comes with a fingerprint reader that is located just right below the right side of the backlit keyboard.

Ultimately, the HP ZBook Studio G3 is definitely a powerhouse for all of your multimedia, scientific, architectural, or mathematical needs. Even though it is quite thin and light as compared to many, it will serve its purpose (and more) for a digital photographer, scientist, a master builder, or a videographer.


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HP ZBook Studio G3 Review – A Mathematical and Multimedia Workhorse
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