HTC 10 – Price Slashed to the Surprise of Many

Even though the HTC 10 could be one of your favorite, or perhaps your preferred phone to use for this year, the story might not be the same within the smartphone market. The company slashed off the price for the handset until the end of July of this year. Speculations arise as the reason for the cut in its price is due to the pressure of low-cost smartphones, especially those found from Chinese manufacturers.

HTC 10 - Price Slashed to the Surprise of Many

HTC 10 Price Slashed in Lieu of Pressure From High Quality Chinese Handsets

If you will purchase the HTC 10 now (at the time of writing) until the end of July from the official website, you would be able to get the device for less than its original price. Specifically speaking, the price of the well-known smartphone has been cut by $100. Therefore, if you’re itching to purchase the device for quite some time now, then this is the perfect time to get it. But do note that this promotion is only available from the main website.

Whenever you see price cuts that are as large as HTC’s recent move, this is usually indicative of poor sales, especially if you consider that the HTC 10 smartphone is only just three months down the line after it has been officially released. You can sometimes find competing prices to go down right after the fourth month of a device’s release date, such as what happened with the Samsung S7 and S7 Edge.

While this particular smartphone is a fantastic one, and there are many who applaud it for its looks, feature set, and overall functionality, it does make you wonder why the company is suffering poor sales from the device. The handset is super responisve, is able to take great photos, and has a battery life that can power through the entire day even with above average use.

There are those that speculate the move could perhaps come from imminent pressure from the Chinese regions, as there is a rising number of smartphone manufacturers in China that are slowly making better handsets that are starting to catch up to the quality of international companies, most especially that of HTC.

While the firm is offering the $100 discount for the HTC 10 for the rest of July, we might be able to see this offer last even longer as the firm tries to stay ahead of the looming threat of the competition. It is a shame, however, that HTC did not release this smartphone a couple of years back. Perhaps now it might be too late for it to have a good lead in the rivalry, even with such a winning smartphone.


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HTC 10 – Price Slashed to the Surprise of Many
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