HTC Desire 628 Review – Looks Aren’t Everything

The HTC 10 is not the only device the company brought out this year, as we are also met with the HTC Desire 628. This is placed in a more budget-friendly price point, and it does hit the proverbial sweet spot within the market. Because of its price, it does take on phones such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Moto G4 Plus, LeEco Le 2, and some others. While there are many budget-friendly phones out there that are pleasing to use and even a sight to behold, sadly, this model from HTC is not one of them.

HTC Desire 628 Review - Looks Aren't Everything

The HTC Desire 628 Could do Better, Even When Placed in the Budget-Friendly Sector

The HTC Desire 628 sports a similar, if not the same formula for its design as compared to other smartphones made from the company. Even if it does have such a design choice, it is still quite refreshing to the eyes. However, there are others that are better, even some coming from HTC itself.

On one hand, the Desire 628 will be considered as good-looking for some. However, there are those who would deem the design choice to not be truly functional. First of all, the body is made out of a glossy plastic. Although it does not have that sleek metallic shine, there are blue accented sides that do quite well for the white body. However, that glossy plastic is incredibly slippery, and this factor increases even further if you’re the type to have sweaty hands.

However, and perhaps what’s most bothersome with regards to its design, are the thick bezels found on the sides of the display. While there are other manufacturers who are trying to reduce the display size, HTC has made the bezels even thicker for this one. As such, it feels like the 5-inch display is smaller than it already is.

As mentioned earlier, it has a 5-inch display but it only displays a mere 720p resolution. It is presumed that HTC lowered down the resolution in order to keep the price of the device to a minimum. Also, while it does claim to have a 294pixel-per-inch density, when you look closely, you would see that images, icons, and text lack sharpness.

The HTC Desire 628 runs  on a year-old MediaTek MT6573 octa-core SoC, which is clocked in at 1.3GHz. While there are better technologies to put in there, it does hold up pretty well when doing basic tasks. However, it is still quite underpowered as compared to its competitors. Ultimately, there are other phones that can look and perform better than this one, and those are even found in a similar price class.


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HTC Desire 628 Review – Looks Aren’t Everything
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