HTC – Images of New Flagship Model Surfaces

There are many tech companies that deem it a wise move to pour oil into the flames of a hype, and HTC might be doing just that. Images have surfaced around the World Wide Web about the company’s latest flagship model, and it is revealed that it could come with a touch-capable… everything. As what the photos have led many to believe, there are no physical buttons on the devices. The entire frame of the handset is entirely touch-capable, and it will also allow users to interact with different apps on the smartphone.

HTC - Images of New Flagship Model Surfaces

The HTC Ocean May Feature a Touch-Capable Frame

The new flagship model from HTC is currently called the Ocean, and it is a device that has been leaked online. In those leaks, it does showcase a few different possibilities as compared to what the traditional modern-day smartphone can handle. Users will seemingly be able to access and use different features within the phone, just by making use of its touch-capacitive frame.

In the screenshots that have surfaced online, they provide a glimpse of what the HTC Ocean might look like and what it would be capable of. There is also a video that has also surfaced and it comes in the form a tweet from Evan Blass, in which he actually puts everything into motion by providing a more accurate photo as to how the device will work.

When talking about the new phone’s hardware, there’s no information provided on that regard. However, since this is a flagship phone, and when you just take a look at it through the leaked images, you can tell that it does come with a dual rear camera setup. To recall, this is something wherein HTC has pulled away from with the development and creation of the HTC 10.

It also worth noting that the device’s design shows a very similar look to that of the 10, and in more ways than one. It is also important to remember that this is still a concept and there is still no official word from the company itself if they are actually moving along with their plans (if there are) to make this product into a reality.

Furthermore, should this HTC phone remain as just a concept, then it would seem that the focal point of the images is just to be an advertisement for the Sense Touch feature. With this functionality, there would appear to be a set of sensors located within the device’s frame that are located above and below its antenna bands.


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