Huawei – Honor 8 Release Date Confirmed

While the Huawei Honor 7 was hailed as a decent smartphone to have, customers in the United States will be able to get a chance to get their hands on the successor to that handset – the Honor 8. This newer phone has been seemingly confirmed through a press invite. GSM Arena noted that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will be having a launch event in San Francisco, California on the 16th of August. However, there were no specifications as to what type of product would be unveiled in said event, but the report from GSM Arena is certain that the event will be for the Honor 8’s release.

Huawei - Honor 8 Release Date Confirmed

Huawei Honor 8 Reported to be Launched on the 16th of August

According to a report from GSM Arena, it would seem that the event is dedicated to the successor of the Huawei Honor 7. The report states the following: “Although the phone isn’t named in the invite, that dual camera symbol that kind of looks like infinity has been used by Huawei before to convey how proud it is of its dual camera setups. And since the Honor 8 is the only Honor device to feature such an arrangement… it’s clear that this is the handset that will have the spotlight on August 16.”

In another separate post, this time from Android Headlines, it showed a Twitter post with a picture on it that says “Save the Date honor product launch 8.16.16. 7pm San Francisco, CA.” The post also has a text that says “Huawei Event Invite Points To Honor 8 US Launch.”

Aside from the release of the phone in the United States, Europe will be getting the smartphone as well. As per Android Central, the Honor 8 will be launching in Paris on the 24th of August, which is just 8 days from the US launch. According to the report from Android Central, the phone is encased in a metal frame with a glass backing, and it reports that the Chinese manufacturer’s high-end smartphone falls between Samsung’s 2016 flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S7, and the company’s own Honor 6, which was launched back in 2014.

As for the build quality of the upcoming Huawei Honor 8, Android Central says that it “appears to be a solid step up from the Honor 7 — even with less metal in the mix — and is a reflection of the progress we’ve seen Huawei make in build and materials at the high end.”


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Huawei – Honor 8 Release Date Confirmed
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