Huawei – In Hot Water Over False Advertising

Huawei is in now under fire for falsely advertising the ability of their latest P9 smartphone, specifically that of the capabilities of its camera. Many companies use false advertising to advertise their products to show the items to be better than what is to be expected, slightly or not; however, many of them don’t really do much of a budge to make a person mad about spending money on a product that doesn’t look or have the same experience as the actual item. One of the primary reasons why many people do not bother blowing their top off of these false claims is because the money spent is just a tiny portion of their spending allowance. Nevertheless, this is not the case for the advertisement on the P9 smartphone.

Huawei - In Hot Water Over False Advertising

Advertisement About the Huawei P9 Found to be False

Huawei, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, previously featured an image that is also an ad on its Google+ page. It had the intent of showcasing how crisp, clear, and how amazing the photos come out of the firm’s P9 smartphone, especially since it has the flagship dual-camera system at the device’s rear. The picture was, indeed, beautifully taken, as it highlighted great color balance, colors that stand out, supreme sharpness, and can even recreate a dramatic lens flare.

But the problem is, the picture on the advertisement was not taken by the Huawei P9, as some digging involved in the picture showed the EXIF data (which are the details that can be acquired for every photo taken with many of today’s digital cameras). In truth, the photo was taken using a DSLR, and a high-end one at that.

Because of this, many are now being led to believe that the P9’s camera is not up to par or will not confirm positive expectations. However, for the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s side, they did not exactly state in the advertisement that the photo was taken by the mobile phone. Still, it did strongly suggest that their product would have, at the very least, have the same capabilities to shoot such an image. The advertisement even came with a caption as it described how they were able to catch a beautiful sunrise with female model Deliciously Ella.

It was Android Police that discovered the falseness of the advertisement posted by Huawei as the image was actually taken by a Canon EOS 5D Mark III while making use of an EF70-200-millimeter f/2.8L IS II USM lens. This is quite the expensive setup, and even pricier than the smartphone itself. Therefore, it does come to no surprise why there are people who are unhappy about the experience, especially since they did pay hundreds of dollars to get the handset.


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Huawei – In Hot Water Over False Advertising
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