Huawei Nova+ Review – A Competent Contender

Modern times comes with a slightly unique naming sense as you can just inject a plus sign or an “S” in a device’s name to call it quits, and that might be the case with the Huawei Nova+. Aside from the slightly different name (emphasis on the “slightly” word), the design of this handset is practically almost the same as the Huawei Nova. Even though it does share a lot of design traits from the original model, it is not the same handset.

Huawei Nova+ Review - A Competent Contender

The Huawei Nova+ Presents Upgrades and Some Downgrades Alike

When it comes to the design, the main difference between the Huawei Nova+ and its predecessor is that this newer model comes with a larger screen. It now has a Full HD display, and it pushes up the size up to 5.5-iinches. There’s still that same cured glass exterior, by the way.

As for the rear of the smartphone, there’s still the same fingerprint scanner that can be found on the Nova. But this time around, it is a bit more difficult to reach because of the larger size of the unit, and it is even more challenging should you have small hands.

Another change to note about is the camera, and it’s got more technology packed into it. This time, it has a 16-megpaixel imaging sensor that comes with optical image stabilization. Therefore, low-light shooting makes for an easier task to handle. The camera can also handle longer shutter speeds to let in more light. This is thanks to the tiny motors found within to keep things as stable as possible. Still, a tripod for the phone won’t hurt if you really want those steady low-light shots.

Since it’s bigger, does it mean that the Nova+ gets a larger battery as well? In a word – Yes. The larger battery takes advantage of the bigger chassis, and it has now been boosted to 3,340mAh. This means that you can make the most out of  2-days’ worth of casual using, or possibly just a full day with medium-to-heavy use, before the phone conks out and you need to charge it once more.

The Huawei Nova+ is available in three different color variants, them being silver, gold, and gray. It is a very competent device, and you couldn’t go wrong with the extra “oomph” in its battery. Still, the price is not too extravagant to become the budget-friendly choice that many would prefer.


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