Hungama Music – Songs & Videos – Free Music App Review

If you have a taste for Bollywood, English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Telugu, and other songs and tracks found in the Indian language, then perhaps you might want to give the Hungama Music – Songs & Videos mobile application a try. It gives you free and unlimited access to listen to their database of tracks found in the aforementioned languages. Furthermore, there is even a Pro Experience subscription that allows you to gain more out of the overall experience, for a fee of course.

Hungama Music - Songs & Videos - Free Music App Review

The Hungama Music – Songs & Videos Lets You Listen to Your Favorite Indian Language Tracks

As mentioned earlier, the Hungama Music – Songs & Videos mobile application has a free and paid subscription version. For the free version, you will still be able to enjoy a bunch of features, such as access to over 3.5-million songs found from the Bollywood, Regional, and International regions, and a quick way to search for new and old favorites as you browse through multiple genres such as Rock, EDM, Pop, and more.

Aside from these, you can also listen to celebrity curated channels, watch music videos, view lyrics so you can sing along to your favorite songs, play the songs you’ve saved into your playlists across multiple devices, and also use the app in 5-different languages.

But what about the Hungama Music Pro Experience? When you get the premium subscription for the app, you can take advantage of downloading your favorite tracks so that you can listen to them even without the use of an Internet connection, and you can also listen to all of your chosen music completely ad-free as compared to having advertisements pop up in between tracks every now-and-then when you’re still under the free version. Also, when you get the Pro Experience, you will be able to listen to higher-quality audio.

One unique feature for the app is you get reward points for every interaction you make. Therefore, whenever you watch videos, share songs, play tracks, invite friends to download and try the app, create playlists, and other actions done within the app, you can then get points so that you can redeem them for free music and video downloads later on. You can even redeem the points for discount vouchers, movie tickets, and many more.

Perhaps the only caveat when using the Hungama Music – Songs & Videos mobile application is it doesn’t start as fast as compared to other audio streaming apps available at the Google Play Store. Still, what you get is a pretty solid experience, and you can’t go wrong about those reward points.


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