I Keep Having This Dream Review – Entertaining Yet Complex

I Keep Having This Dream might kind of sound absurd but in it is and RPG which combines a bit of rogue-like, puzzle, and board game elements. Its creative, sometimes perplexing, and difficult to follow gameplay is what makes it a fun mobile game to play.

I Keep Having This Dream Review - Entertaining Yet Complex

I Keep Having This Dream is a Great Concept, But a Bit Too Intricate

I Keep Having This Dream places its player to a role of “game master”, wherein he needs to build his own levels rather than navigate to randomly-generated levels. It will be a handful task to figure out how the game works at first, but once the player gets the hang of it, it will be kind of an easy game. Special tiles are placed on the bottom of the screen; it is needed in order for the player to build his own maze-like level.  Each tile represents different item, like monster, an item, a boost, or something that will turn the tides of the game. the player needs to be precise in placing the tiles, mainly since in each level that the player builds will be paired with its own enemy that will chase the player from the start if the level. If unluckily, the player pus himself in a corner, a monster will make sure that it is a “game over” right there and then. It will be wise if the player will place tiles that will aid in acquiring additional XP to spend in boosting stats, picking up brand new skills, and increasing the abilities so that the monster that are tailing the player can be hold off.

The idea of the I Keep Having This Dream game is excellent but at times also difficult to grasp. The game can be compared to a card game named Boss Monster since the player ends up building his own area and thus responsible for his own actions. One example of the game being difficult to grasp is that the game does not do a great job at explaining the path that should be build, so it is up to the player to figure out how to triumph over the enemies, what moves to do, and even figuring out dead ends. All of these will be learned eventually and mostly through trial and error. Sometime the game is entertaining, but most of the time it can be a bit frustrating. Figuring things out can really be a thrilling process. It is worth pushing past some of the imperceptive parts of the game.

I Keep Having This Dream urge its player to do better with each level he builds as it keeps the player into trying new things, and thinking a lot of good ideas to be able to come out victorious. Its colorful and challenging design is perfectly built for a mobile game. The game might be frustrating but all the player has to do is really keep having a dream about this game, too.


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