Ifrogz Summit Wireless Review – Audiophiles Stay Away

Another entry to the budget-friendly wireless earphones sector is the Ifrogz Summit Wireless. When looking at the features and specs on paper, it does boast some impressive features that might be worth the money you spend on it. It even has a better-than-average 10-hour battery life, a durable IPX-2 certified design, and there are wings on the buds that allows for a secure fit. However, turn them on and play some tunes and you will find out that it’s better off letting it stay on the shelf inside whatever store you found it.

Ifrogz Summit Wireless Review - Audiophiles Stay Away

The Ifrogz Summit Wireless is Durable, Has a Strong Battery Life, But Sounds Terrible

In terms of functionality, the Ifrogz Summit Wireless does tick the right boxes. The winged design found on the headphones is similar to what can be seen to the pricier Jaybird X2. If you’re a fan of wing tips while you’re running, then it is because of the secure fit that they enable while you’re out and about. The standard packaging also includes three sizes of earbuds so that you will always have a secure, comfortable seal while wearing them.

The build quality on the Summit Wireless does not equate to its price point, primarily because for a budget-friendly model, this is quite the durable choice. It will survive your sweat and the rain pouring down from the sky without any hassle. Furthermore, the fit is secure, which is as advertised (which is good). Because of this solid seal, you will be able to take advantage of pretty good sound isolation.

However, the battery life might only be good on paper as the advertised 10-hours of use will only net you around 5 to 6-hours of real-life usage. Furthermore, the battery does discharge alarmingly quick, even when the headphones are turned off. Even when they are turned off, you can see its juice diminish around 10 to 15-percent of their charge on a single day, which is very disappointing.

But what’s really disappointing on the Ifrogz Summit Wireless is not its battery life, but by how it sounds. Playing music on it will practically lose any kind of subtlety. There is no extension towards the sub-bass and the upper treble, so it means that audio ends up being sounding like they’re all bunched up together within the mid-range. So if you really care about the music that you’re listening to, and even though you might be on a tight budget, do yourself a favor and look for other models instead.


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Ifrogz Summit Wireless Review – Audiophiles Stay Away
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