iMessage – How to Lower Image Quality to Save Bandwidth

Sending images with the use of iMessage is a pretty convenient thing, but it can take up a lot of your precious bandwidth if you’re sending high-quality pictures (not to mention that it can take up more of your precious storage inside your iPhone). However, with the release of iOS 10, you can now take advantage of reducing the size of the images being sent. Therefore, if you wish it, you no longer have to send a full-quality image, which can even ultimately help you save on precious cellular data.

iMessage - How to Lower Image Quality to Save Bandwidth

Lowering the Quality of Images Being Sent in the iMessage App

Step 1 – Do note that this particular feature for iMessage only works for the messages being sent through the app towards other iPhone users. In order to get started, head on to your device’s Home screen and tap on “Settings.” Scroll down if you must in order to locate the “Messages” portion of the menu.

Step 2 – Locate the “Low Quality Image Mode” slider within the Messages portion of the Settings menu and turn it on. You will know when the mode is turned on when the slider turns green. When the feature is turned on, any image you sent through the iMessage app  will be of lower quality and now smaller in size.

Step 3 – Do take note that there is a downside to using this feature, whether it is turned on or off, particularly for all the messages being sent through the iOS messaging app. This drawback is that you cannot turn the feature on for certain contacts, and these are the contacts that do not have the iMessage application, which means they are using another mobile platform, may it be Android, Windows, or others.

Step 4 – So how can you save your precious bandwidth and cellular data when sending images to users that have smartphones with other platforms? It is suggested that if you want to send images towards users of other mobile platforms to use other applications instead, such as Facebook Messenger. Facebook has a compression feature for the images being uploaded into their servers, which means the social media platform automatically lowers down the quality of the image for speed and lesser file sizes.

Step 5 – If you still want to use your iMessage application to send images, then you might want to go with the longer route, and that is to use a photo-editing app to lower down the file size and quality of the image you want to send.


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