iMessage – iOS 10 Turns Messaging App to a Platform

Apple is making big changes to iOS 10, but most of them seem mostly cosmetic; however, when talking about the iMessage app, it makes the iOS mobile application into a full-blown platform. Well, the application does have giant emojis, a handwritten feature for photos and videos, full-screen fireworks, and a tone of stickers. For those who are familiar with the mobile tech world, these are features that are similarly seen to the Facebook Messenger, Line, Snapchat, and other messaging apps. But the larger changes for the iOS messaging app are found underneath the cosmetic changes. Apple made the decision to open up the app to developers which makes it clear that the Cupertino, California-based tech firm is not yielding to other known messaging applications such as WeChat and Facebook Messenger.

iMessage - iOS 10 Turns Messaging App to a Platform

iMessage Opens up to Developers

Just recently, Apple unveiled the demo to the upcoming iOS 10 during last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presented a bunch of new features; however, Craig Federighi, which is Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, devoted a large amount of time to the changes coming to the iMessage application.

If you’ve been using other messaging apps for the past few years, then you might be familiar to the fact that most of the changes coming to the iOS iMessage application looks more than just a bit familiar. For the upcoming iOS 10, gives the iOS app some signature Apple flair, such as invisible ink feature that blurs your texts and photos.

With the decision for the Cupertino, California-based tech giant to turn the iOS messaging application into a platform is more significant than what other similar apps from other developers. For one, third-party apps are able to enrich messages without leaving the application itself. It’s like the approach made for Facebook Messenger, but more refined.

For instance, there’s the new app drawer within the application itself. With the new software development kit would allow developers to create extensions that would bring individual app experiences directly into the messaging app. For iOS 10, users are now able to access third-party messaging applications just by going to the app drawer. Just tap on the App icon right next to the blank text field to search and locate apps. This will allow you to create content that you can immediately share in-app.

While these changes are good, it is reported that Apple does not have any plans in bringing the iMessage app to the Android platform as the company feels it will limit its full potential. So for Android users, you might just have to stick with the Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or other messaging apps available for download.


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iMessage – iOS 10 Turns Messaging App to a Platform
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