Injustice 2 – Game Will Have Aggressive DLCs

Information about Injustice 2 is pretty scarce currently (at the time of writing) as it is not too long ago that the game was announced to the world. It brings back iconic superheroes from the DC universe such as Superman, Batman, the Flash, and more. This time around, there are new heroes that join in the brawl such as Supergirl. Furthermore, there might be more coming soon even after when the game’s full release. As per NetherRealm Studios, the developer to the popular brawler, assures that content will come along with massive surprises as the title will push for more “aggressive” downloadable content (DLC) releases.

Injustice 2 - Game Will Have Aggressive DLCs

Fans of Injustice 2 Should Expect Massive Surprises

Ed Boon, creative director at NetherRealm Studios, stated in a recent interview with IGN that the developing studio promises its fans that expansion content will even come out post-launch, which will include numerous additions to Injustice 2. For those who are fans with the series, players should know that this is also a similar move done by the studio with the original title. Boom explains by saying the following: “With DLC characters, we’ve had four with Mortal Kombat, six with Injustice, eight with Mortal Kombat X, and with Injustice 2 we plan on continuing that pattern.”

Additionally, the creative director for NetherRealm Studios adds in that expansion content for Injustice 2 will “certainly be more aggressive than what we’ve had in the past.” At the moment, it is unclear how these downloadable contents will be “aggressive.” Speculations include that these DLCs will come in as even more expansion packs, or if the content packs will be scheduled to be released right on top of the last release.

The additional expansion content is just one of the multiple changes that NetherRealm Studios has been planning along the sequel to Injustice 2. The title was just recently announced this month, and it was already revealed that instead of a front-and-center fighting title with minor role-playing bits, the upcoming game will have character-level and player-level developments. This is because the title introduces a new loot drop and gear system which will have effects to characters’ statuses. It is reported that Boon evaded in commenting on the new system further, but he did say the following: “Ideally to me the whole purpose of this feature is customization, longevity, and ongoing molding of your character so to speak.” The creative director also hinted that the idea of micro-transactions might also get introduced into the game.


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