Insta360 Nano Review – 360-Degree Images for Your iPhone

The problem with smartphone cameras, even that of the iPhone’s built-in camera, is that you will only be able to take photos from within the direction you point its camera, but that can change with the aid of the Insta360 Nano. This is a simple iPhone peripheral wherein it will connect through the lightning connector. The accessory has two cameras built into it, and it will capture images in a 360-degree radius. If you’re looking for a simple way to get 360-degree images, then there’s plenty to like about this device. However, do take note that this budget-friendly accessory will only give you video quality that is to be expected of its price point.

Insta360 Nano Review - 360-Degree Images for Your iPhone

The Insta360 Nano Gives So-So Quality Videos

The Insta360 Nano is neither too big nor too small for your iPhone. It has a slim profile that will hug the back of the Apple smartphone when it is plugge in. Because it will connect to the bottom of the handset, you will need to flip the phone vertically so you need to hold your phone upside down when you’re using it. In doing so, this will place the f/2.0 lenses at the top.

If you’re worried about its weight, don’t be because it only weighs approximately 70-grams. With that figure, the Insta360 Nano iPhone Accessory is pretty lightweight. The standard packaging even comes with a soft slip pouch so you can carry it around easily. However, you need to be reasonably careful with it because the pouch nor the build quality is solidly made. Speaking of the device’s build quality, it feels rather plasticky so you have to be careful with the occasional bumps and scratches.

It should be noted that the lenses are completely exposed, so you would have to take care of those as well. In other words, should you place the device inside your pocket without its protective pouch, then you put great risk in putting scratches onto the lens. Speaking of which, since the pouch is made out of a thin material, it doesn’t really offer much protection as well, so keep that in mind.

Shooting videos with the Insta360 Nano only promotes so-so quality as you are only able to take advantage of 3K resolution or that’s 3,040 x 1,520-pixels. Furthermore, you are stuck with shooting videos at 30-frames-per-second. So if you don’t mind the resolution, or if you know for a  fact that you’re pretty careful with your stuff, then perhaps you might want to try out this iPhone peripheral.


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