Instagram – Snapchat-Like Feature Doesn’t Hurt Numbers

If you’re a frequent user of Instagram, then perhaps you’ve already made use of the new Stories feature. One look at the new feature and you would immediately recognize it to be an idea that has been acquired from another social media platform, and said platform is Snapchat. Stories is blatantly a Snapchat clone; however, even with this new functionality added in, it does not hurt the number of Snapchat users from jumping ship.

Instagram - Snapchat-Like Feature Doesn't Hurt Numbers

Instagram Stories Not Hurting User Count of Snapchat

At the time of writing, it has already been a month since Instagram released its clone of Snapchat’s feature. Nevertheless, the numbers pertaining to the number of daily users on Snpachat is still holding steady, as per four third-party data providers. These data providers are those of Apptopia, App Annie, SurveyMonkey, and Sensor Tower, and they have not seen a meaningful decline towards Snapchat’s number within the weeks after the release of the new feature. Therefore, for those who were quick to assume that the new Stories feature is a Snapchat killer, these results suggest that it might be wise to rethink your thoughts. On the other hand, there hasn’t been any significant increase for the daily number of users for Instagram, either.

SVP of research over at App Annie Danielle Levitas told the following to BuzzFeed News: “About a month into the launch of Instagram’s Stories feature, we are still not seeing a significant increase of time spent in the app versus Snapchat. While there are several factors that may be contributing to this, the early stage of adoption by its user base is still ongoing.”

Sensor Tower’s Wes McCabe stated that the trend lines do remain the same as when the new feature was introduced. Information released by Apptopia also showed no ill effects towards Snapchat. Furthermore, according to the data that SurveyMonkey gathered, Snapchat usage didn’t flinch and it even remained at the above 1-million mark for Android and iOS users found in the United States.

A SurveyMonkey spokesperson told the following to BuzzFeed News about the gathered data with regards to Snapchat after Instagram released their new Stories feature: “Our data shows that Instagram Stories hasn’t made any discernible impact on Snapchat. The core usage metrics haven’t budged for either app throughout August.” Nevertheless, it is still seen to be too early to declare the winner for the battle between the two prominent social media applications. However, these information does reveal that Instagram won’t be able to take Snapchat’s users that easily.


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