iOS 10 – Beta 6 Enhances Siri, Fixes Bugs

It has just been just about two months (at the time of writing) since the announcement of the arrival of iOS 10 this fall which will take place at the 2016 Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Recently, Apple has been already rolling out the sixth beta version of the upcoming mobile operating system, and just last week, the Cupertino, California-based tech firm distributed the software’s beta version 5 to developers and beta testers for evaluation. Hence, the release of the sixth beta version should come to no surprise.

iOS 10  - Beta 6 Enhances Siri, Fixes Bugs

iOS 10 Beta Version 6 Rolls Out to Developers and Beta Testers

The 6th beta version of iOS 10, which is, in truth, iOS beta version 5 for public non-developer users that are part of the Apple Software Beta Program, is able to give developers access towards a more stable mobile operating system. This latest version of the mobile OS comes with a number of bug fixes that were present in previous releases. For instance, there was a bug that was causing the sticker pack of apps to be blank. This glitch, as well as others, have been fixed with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

With the newly released iOS 10 beta version 6, it also brings improvement towards the software’s ever popular artificial intelligence and virtual assistance, Siri. Back in the previous beta version, it was found out that Siri would respond inappropriately to requests that concerned removed apps. With this latest version of the mobile OS, Siri is now able to offer more appropriate responses, as well as letting users take advantage of minor improvements that make the AI more responsive than in previous versions.

This 6th version of Apple’s operating system still comes with all the goodies that were present in earlier beta versions. There is still the 3D Touch notifications found on the new lock screen, an overhauled Messages app which now has support for background animations, as well as a new widgets screen. There is still other features present such as predictive emojis, Digital Touch and Tapback replies, and well as handwritten notes. It should also be noted that the ever since the fifth developer beta version was released, there has been a new lock sound and other major bug fixes.

As per 9to5Mac, iOS 10 will also arrive with a newly designed News app, as well as a revamped Music app. There will also be the first Home app for the brand’s HomeKit. The website also reports that there will be a new icon for Airplay, widget UI enhancements, and a new Home app wallpaper.


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iOS 10 – Beta 6 Enhances Siri, Fixes Bugs
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