iOS 10 – How to Change the Flashlight Intensity

With the coming of the iOS 10, many iPhone users are now able to adjust the intensity of the built-in flashlight feature, which is great so that you don’t accidentally and temporarily blind a person (or yourself) when rummaging around in the dark with smartphone in hand. Adjusting the intensity of the light coming from the iOS device won’t require you to learn rocket science. In fact, the process is quite easy to accomplish.

iOS 10 - How to Change the Flashlight Intensity

Adjusting the Intensity of the Flashlight in iOS 10

Step 1 – First of all, changing the intensity of the flashlight on an iOS 10 device requires the 3D Touch feature. Therefore, if you’re using an older version of the iPhone but you still have the latest mobile operating system, then stop right here because you won’t be able to make use of this new built-in feature, unless you go for a third-party application.

Step 2 – But if you do have an iPhone with iOS 10, swipe up first from the bottom edge of the device in order to access the Control Center. Now look towards the bottom row, and you will see four app buttons. You might have less than four buttons, but the flashlight button should be within this area, along with other control functions such as timer, camera, and calculator.

Step 3 – With the 3D Touch feature, press and hold the flashlight button to see a small menu pop up from the icon. You can now set the flashlight’s intensity with either a Bright Light, Medium Light, or Low Light. What’s more is that you don’t have to do this again-and-again as the software will remember your current settings the next time you access the device’s flashlight. Therefore, you can always go back to the flashlight icon, do a press with 3D Touch, and change the intensity of the brightness once more to make it brighter or dimmer if you so desire.

Step 4 – Aside from the new flashlight feature found within iOS 10, you can also peruse other new features that comes with the new mobile operating system. For example, while you’re in the Control Center, you can take advantage of 3D Touch by holding down the Timer button. Doing so will allow you to choose one of four preset durations. With these latest functionalities, they are sure to please a lot of users, unless you have an iOS device that doesn’t support 3D Touch.


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iOS 10 – How to Change the Flashlight Intensity
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