iOS 10 – How to Disable the Lock Screen Widgets

There are a lot of iPhone users that want their lock screens to be as clean as possible, but with the improvements brought about by iOS 10, widgets have been introduced right into the lock screen. It is deemed that these widgets are placed there for easier access. These widgets do come in handy, but there are some individuals who are worried that they reveal more information than what they should. If you want to disable these lock screen widgets in your iPhone, then read on to learn how.

iOS 10 - How to Disable the Lock Screen Widgets

Disabling the Lock Screen Widgets in iOS 10

Step 1 – To begin disabling the lock screen widgets in your iOS 10 device, start by tapping on the Settings icon on your iPhone’s Home screen. Once here, scroll down until you reach an item called “Touch ID & Passcode.” This is a secure portion of the Settings menu so you would have to type in your passcode when prompted.

Step 2 – Once your passcode has been typed in, you will be brought into a new section of the Touch ID & Passcode portion of the Settings menu. In here, look for the “Today View” option, which should be turned on by default as it is shown with a green slider button. Tapping on the slider will turn off the feature. You will know once the Today View feature is turned off as the slider will turn to white.

Step 3 – After this step, there are no longer any other steps to do to save the progress. There is no “Save” button or “Continue” button because iOS will automatically save all the settings that have been changed for you. So what does this mean? This means that when you try and lock your iPhone once more, you would be able to see that it is now devoid of any lock screen widgets.

Therefore, the next time someone tries to look at your lock screen on your iOS 10 device when it wakes up from being asleep, they would just see the wallpaper, time, date, and practically nothing else. But if in case that you want them back, then just repeat the aforementioned steps and turn the slider of the “Today View” back towards being green. Furthermore, even when the feature is disabled, you can just swipe right from your Home screen whenever your phone is unlocked to see the lock screen widgets.


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