iOS 10 – Should You Install the Public Beta?

When you woke up this morning, did you receive a notification wherein you can now try out the public beta of iOS 10? If so, then you are given the choice to download and install it on your iOS device. Are you brave enough to try out the public beta for Apple’s new operating system?

iOS 10 - Should You Install the Public Beta?

Do You Want to Install the Public Beta of iOS 10?

But first, do know that the people who will be able to make full use of iOS 10 are those who own iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, especially those who do not rely heavily on the Maps application (because it is now a battery eater the likes of Pac Man wanting to eat his pellets). But if you have an iOS device that does not support 3D Touch, such as the iPad that is not an iPad Pro, then the benefits of this new iOS are a bit less. However, this does mean that you will be given the option to just wait for the final release of the new Apple operating system all the more tempting.

But still, reports are coming in that the first developer beta of iOS 10 is relatively stable for many Apple devices. This is good news, especially that this is the first public beta for the operating system as well. Well, there can’t be a beta period without any bugs involved as this is still considered to be a testing phase for the new operating system. For instance, when using the Maps app, there are some users that note it will crash during navigation. Furthermore, while still on that app, navigation may not end even when you arrive at your destination. Aside from the Maps application, there is also a strange graphical glitch wherein users would only be able to see half of the screen for the lockscreen-accessible camera instead of seeing the entire thing.

Do remember that the biggest difference for the new version of iOS over its predecessor is what you can do without even opening the apps. There are some application that will integrate themselves with Siri, which is Apple’s famous (or even infamous) artificial intelligence program. For instance, you can call a taxi service using Lyft without having to open the app.

So, once again, are you brave enough to download and install the first public beta of iOS 10? Well, that depends on you. But do know that when you do install it into your iOS device, then you have to embrace some of the bugs that do come along with it until the final version of the operating system comes out.


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iOS 10 – Should You Install the Public Beta?
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