iOS – How to Back up Your iPhone or iPad

There are times when the iCloud storage service is not even enough for all of your precious photos and texts found within your iOS device. There are times that technology can be very unpredictable wherein one day when you wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep, the data found in your iPhone or iPad is now gone. This is why it is important to know how to do a back up for your Apple device properly. Even with Apple’s proprietary cloud-based storage service, it may not be enough, especially if you have tons of pictures and files to store.

iOS - How to Back up Your iPhone or iPad

Back up Your iOS Device to be Safe Than Sorry

Step 1 – One of the more straightforward ways of backing up your iOS device is to use iTunes. Plugging in your iPhone or iPad into your computer should automatically launch the program by default. Once it does, select File, and then head to Devices in iTunes. In the Devices portion of the menu, head on to and click on Transfer Purchases. The program will then start to save all of the content that you’ve purchased through the App Store or iTunes Store on your computer.

Step 2 – You might be wondering, “What about my photos, videos, and other files then?” Don’t worry about your pretty little head, because once you plug in your iOS gadget into your computer using the supplied USB cable, or even pass through with the use of a connection through another piece of hardware (i.e. a speaker dock), then iTunes will automatically back up your files. To put it simply, just plug in your iPhone or iPad into your computer, run iTunes, and let the application do all the heavy work for you.

Step 3 – iTunes or iCloud still not enough? Then you can also back up your files with the use of third-party applications. Google Drive and Dropbox are excellent choices wherein you can upload your photos, videos, and other files into your very own personal cloud storage account.

Step 4 – If you have a new iOS device and you want to transfer the file found in your old iPhone or iPad into the new one, then you can easily migrate the apps, settings, and other pieces of information with the use of iTunes. Just plug in the old device first and perform a backup. Once that’s done, remove the old unit from the computer and plug in the new one. iTunes will then ask you if you want to restore from an existing backup. Doing so will transfer the files found in the older gadget into the new one.


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iOS – How to Back up Your iPhone or iPad
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