iOS – How to Enable to Grid in the Camera

Chances are when you have an iPhone, the you’re using the proprietary iOS camera application for all of your mobile shutterbug needs. However, there are times when it is quite the challenge to make the image as straight as possible. The good news is that you can enable the camera’s grid so that you can align objects properly within your shot. This is great if you’re doing a bit of landscape photography with your iPhone, or if you want to make sure that you properly do the “rule of thirds” in photography.

iOS - How to Enable to Grid in the Camera

Enabling the Grid in the iOS Camera

Step 1 – If you think that turning the grid on and off in your iOS handset is as easy as just tapping a single button, unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, it is kind of an inconvenience to do because it is not found directly within the app’s immediate settings.

Step 2 – To start making the grid appear in the iOS camera application, open up the Settings app and scroll on down until you see Photos & Camera. Tap on that and you will be brought to a new menu with a bunch of options.

Step 3 – Scroll on down in the Photos & Camera portion of the Settings menu until you see the Grid toggle switch. It is with this switch that you can turn the grid on and off. Now all you have to do is to exit the Settings app, go back to the camera app and take some pictures with the grid turned on.

Step 4 – However, if you think that the grid is starting to annoy you, or if you’ve already got a good grasp of aligning your photos or that of the rule of thirds in photography, you would have to go back to the Settings app, then head on back to the Photos & Camera option just to turn off the grid.

Step 5 – Even though Apple has already the latest version of the iOS out for their iPhones and iPads, it does make you wonder why there is no immediate button within the camera app that can toggle the grid on and off in a very quick and easy manner. There are even some users that opt to just download a separate third-party camera app instead that has a toggle switch that can be accessed immediately instead of having to go to the Settings app every-single-time.


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iOS – How to Enable to Grid in the Camera
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