iPad – How to Extend Battery Life

Picture this – you’re about to go into an important meeting with iPad in hand, and you’re already ready to bring about your project proposals that are located within the storage files of your Apple tablet. However, minutes away from the business meeting, horror chills down your spine as the device won’t turn on. What could be the culprit? Is the device broken? But perhaps the more obvious answer is that it ran out of battery power. If you don’t want such a scenario to happen to you, then do know there are ways to extend the battery life of your Apple device.

iPad - How to Extend Battery Life

Extending the Battery Life of Your iPad

Step 1 – Do know that one of the biggest primary battery wasters for your iPad are notifications and background refreshing. Therefore, it is in your best interests to turn these off in order for you to achieve an extension for the device’s battery life, even for just a few more hours. To disable background app refreshing, go to the device’s Settings app, then tap on General. In here, tap on Background App Refresh and you will be brought to a new menu. Here, you will be able to see all the apps that are running on the background continuously. A lot of these apps don’t need to continuously be running throughout the entire day. Therefore, toggle the apps that you don’t want to continuously run on the background.

Step 2 – While still in the Settings app on your Apple iPad, tap on Notifications (just make sure you go back a step first after you’re done with Background App Refresh). In the new Notifications menu, just toggle the Allow Notifications switch to turn the notifications being displayed from various apps on or off.

Step 3 – Once the notifications and the background app refresh are turned off, you can then proceed to further boost the device’s battery life. You can do this by turning the Bluetooth connectivity off, that is, if it’s turned on. With Bluetooth turned on, it will continuously connect with smart devices around your home. But the thing is, there are times when we don’t have to continuously have to connect with the devices. Furthermore, there are some of us who don’t even have such smart gadgets within our homes. Hence, if you’re not using it, turn Bluetooth off.

Step 4 – On a similar note as Bluetooth, turning Location Services off on your iPad will allow you to take advantage of extending the power of your device’s battery. Just go into the Settings app then head on to Privacy. In here, just turn the Location Services off (or on when you need it).


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