iPad Mini 4 Review – Smaller Isn’t Better

Simply speaking, the iPad Mini 4 is a smaller and a slightly less powerful model as compared to the iPad Air 2. If you’re already familiar with the iPad Air 2, then there’s practically nothing else to surprise you when taking a hold of the Mini 4. It has a 7.9-inch screen and it does perform pretty much like the Air 2, albeit in a smaller and slightly less-performing way. But if you do own the iPad Pro, even the 9.7-inch variant, that will suffice even more than the Mini 4; so much so that you might not want to look back at this smaller Air 2.

iPad Mini 4 Review - Smaller Isn't Better

It’s Hard to Recommend the iPad Mini 4 to Apple Enthusiasts

We are now living in a time wherein there are larger phones and even more-capable hybrid laptops and tablets; therefore, recommending a tablet such as the iPad Mini 4 for anyone looking for portable machines might be a difficult challenge, especially to one that is already accustomed to the likes of the iPad Air 2 or the iPad Pro. And even though the Mini 4 is considered one of the best small iPads Apple has to offer due to its minimalistic design, it doesn’t offer much of a “wow” factor. Furthermore, with Apple’s pricing choices for this smaller iPad, it makes it an even tougher challenge to recommend to Apple enthusiasts or towards the regular consumer.

But even though it does come with certain drawbacks, the  Apple iPad Mini 4 is still known as the more powerful, and even better featured Mini iPads that are out on the market. Comparing it to the iPad Mini 2, which was released back in 2014, the Mini 4 has a better display, a faster processor, and a better camera. It even has a Touch ID fingerprint sensor. It even has updated functionalities such as split-screen performance, and it does come in handy when making sure that you do not miss out on important emails, or updates on your social media accounts, while you’re working. It may not be your favorite iPad to have, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not any good, it’s just that there are better options.

Speaking of caveats, the iPad Mini 4 is slower as compared to the iPad Air 2, even though it has nearly the same specs as its larger cousin. The lags will become more evident when you’re playing games as there are even times when the frame rate becomes a bit slower, even on some title screens.


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