iPad Mini 5 – What is Expected for the Next Mini Tablet

There are now plenty of people excited of the next iPhone device, which is said to be the iPhone 7, and many Apple fans are also looking forward to the official announcement and launch of another device from the Cupertino, California-based tech firm – the iPad Mini 5. This new Mini tablet is said to be packed with more improved features and specifications than its predecessor.

iPad Mini 5 - What is Expected for the Next Mini Tablet

The iPad Mini 5 is Said to be More Than Just an Upgrade From its Predecessor

Even though the iPad Mini 4 was hailed as one of the best eight-inch tablets upon its release, there are those who are expecting more out of the iPad Mini 5. This includes brand new touch capacitive features, a better battery life, as well as a more durable finish.

Apple has been keeping quiet about information pertaining to the 5th iteration of its popular eight-inch tablet line. Therefore, a lot of people are only led to speculate as to what would be the forthcoming upgrades for the new gadget. However, it doesn’t mean that the rumor mill had stopped churning as reports keep on popping up left-and-right.

For instance, and although it has not yet been officially claimed, there are many who are expecting the Mini 5  to have devote a more conservative design as compared to its predecessor. However, it is also rumored that the tablet will pack in a Retina display, just like the former tablet. In terms of thickness, there are those who speculate that this 5th iteration to the Mini tablet will now be a lot thinner than its predecessor. Speculations state that the new tablet will be just at 5-millimeters as compared to the iPad Mini 4 that has a 6.1-millimeter thickness.

But what about its features? There are reports that claim the new device will have the 3D Touch feature, which is already available for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. However, it is also believed that such a functionality is still not yet ready to be deployed for the company’s iPad line. Nonetheless, there are Apple fans that are quite hopeful that this feature will come in with the new iPad.

As for pricing on the iPad Mini 5, it is expected that it will follow suit with the pricing model of the 2015 variant. It is also expected that the new tablet will launch at the same time as the new iPhone will hit the streets.


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iPad Mini 5 – What is Expected for the Next Mini Tablet
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