iPad Pro 2 – Rumored to Have an A10X Chip

Even though the original iPad Pro has barely been on the market, there are already those who are absolutely excited for the iPad Pro 2. It has been reported by several sources that the new iPad Pro will come with several upgrades, which will include the A10X chip powering the device. However, another report states that the device’s official release date has been pushed back to next year.

iPad Pro 2 - Rumored to Have an A10X Chip

The Release Date of iPad Pro 2 Rumored to be on 2017

It is rumored that the iPad Pro 2 will be powered by the A10X chip, which does give the tablet a significant power boost. Furthermore, it is also reported that some upgrades to the original version of the device will be added in. However, many speculate that the storage space will still be the same as that of the first iteration, which is 256GB. For its display, it might even feature True Tone in order to give more vivid colors to images. Furthermore, it is speculated that it will have Retina Flash and iSight technology found in its 12-megapixel rear camera. Another report states that the next model to the iPad Pro series will have more color options, which might include Rose Gold.

Since this will be the next iPad Pro device, it should come to no surprise that it will have better hardware specifications to promote a greater user-experience. The original model is already classified to be made for business consumers, and because of this notion, the second generation would have better overall experience. For instance, it has been said that it will give users better typing experiences, as well as a longer battery life.

There is also another rumor wherein the next iPad Pro will contain the A10X chip, in which it has been said to be made by Taiwan Semiconductor. Because of this thought, it is hinted that the device’s release date has been pushed back to next year. The Motley Fool, who wrote the various speculations pertaining to the device, forecasted that the mass production of the 10 nanometer chip will be accomplished by the end of 2016.

With the first generation of the iPad Pro has been launched back on the year 2015, it does make a bit of sense that Apple will be releasing the iPad Pro 2 by 2017, especially when you consider the vast array of technological advancements that have been brought to numerous technologies to be upgraded over the years.


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iPad Pro 2 – Rumored to Have an A10X Chip
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