iPhone 7 – Reported to Have a Better Battery Than Predecessors

We are not just a few months away before the iPhone 7 will officially be announced and revealed with all of its glory. Even though the date for its official release draws near, perhaps the entire community, except those who are working with Apple, know very little about the upcoming smartphone. However, it doesn’t mean that rumor mill stopped churning as there are now numerous reports circling around the World Wide Web about Apple’s latest handset. One of the latest reports involve the device’s battery, and they say that it will have a better battery life than its predecessors.

iPhone 7 - Reported to Have a Better Battery Than Predecessors

iPhone 7 to Have Better Battery, Reports Claim

Apple smartphone users have long been complaining about the short battery life of the iPhone, and perhaps their prayers are going to be answered with the iPhone 7. Aside from the small improvements that have been placed into recent iPhones, those who are wanting a better battery for Apple smartphones have mostly fallen under deaf ears. This brought about third-party manufacturers to design solutions to make for a better, and longer-lasting experience whenever users would take advantage of the full potential of the device, without immediately running out of juice.

According to the source of OnLeaks, the 7th major iteration of the iPhone will now have a 1,960 mAh battery pack, which could easy anxieties pertaining to the battery life by a bit. While not incredibly large, at the very least it is a step up on improving the battery life of the famed smartphone.

The problem with every iPhone increment is that it does not usually get a bigger battery. While the iPhone 6 did have a 1,810 mAh pack, the iPhone 6s surprised many but not of the good kind since its battery was downgraded to a 1,715 mAh pack. At least, according to this latest report, the battery pack won’t get any worse.

But do note that having a larger battery pack does not immediately equate to a better battery life. For instance, should Apple include a ton of new features for the latest smartphone, then the increment in battery power would mean absolutely nothing. Think of it as having a better engine for your car but the gas tank is made only slightly larger.

However, OnLeaks state that he is almost but not 1–percent confident about the leak pertaining to the iPhone 7 battery. Therefore, and as with any rumor you may find on the Internet, take this information as a grain of salt until official news spreads out.


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iPhone 7 – Reported to Have a Better Battery Than Predecessors
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