iPhone 7 Review – Goodbye Jack

Even though there are some things that are still missing such as a wraparound screen or wireless charging technology, or the fact that it still has the same design as last year’s model, many would be able to understand how Apple works their minds into the creation of the iPhone 7. Even though it is not entirely a “new thing,” there are things that are definitely improved. There are some additional features, and we finally get to confirm all those rumors that the 3.5-millimeter headphone jack is indeed gone.

iPhone 7 Review - Goodbye Jack

The Official Announcement of the iPhone 7 Confirms That it no Longer Has a 3.5-Millimeter Headphone Jack

The iPhone 7, as you have certainly heard by now, no longer has a headphone jack unlike practically any other smartphone on the planet. Furthermore, its design makes it look like an identical twin to the iPhone 6 and 6s. Nevertheless, there are some neat features that do come with the new handset, and one of those is that the phone is now fully water-resistant. Do take note that it is water-resistant and not water-proof. In other words, it can take splashes of water from beside the pool, but don’t submerge it inside the pool with you (if you’re hoping for some underwater selfies).

Aside from the Apple iPhone 7 to now be water-resistant, the camera has been beefed up as well. It can now take better photos, especially when talking about its low light performance. It even adds optical image stabilization technology into the mix, which was just previously restricted to the iPhone 6s Plus.

Also, Apple has heard the requests of many and has beefed up the battery life of the latest iPhone model, well, just by a bit anyway. The additional one or two hours of normal usage a day is certainly good, but it is not too groundbreaking. The processor installed into the new handset is also faster, and it now makes playing graphic intensive games better, and photo and video-editing apps to work smoother.

Even though the iPhone 7 no longer has a headphone jack, it doesn’t mean that you would have to immediately replace your old headphones immediately to pair with the smartphone. Apple, thankfully, added an adapter into the smartphone’s standard packaging, but it does feel a bit awkward to use and can take some getting used to. With the latest iPhone model, it is clear that Apple is still gunning to keep the interests of its loyal fans. As for many other individuals, they would know that there are some other phones on the market that can provide better overall performance.


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