iPhone – How to Copy Everything From Your Old Phone to Your New One

So you’ve just bought a new iPhone, that’s great! But now you’re thinking on how you can transfer all your text, images, and all other files from your old smartphone to your new one. The first thing that might pop up into your mind is to use Apple’s proprietary personal cloud storage service, the iCloud, so that you can transfer your files properly. However, uploading and downloading can take a bunch of time. The process can even be agonizing, especially if you want to do it in a quicker manner. Thankfully, there’s iTunes for this purpose.

iPhone - How to Copy Everything From Your Old Phone to Your New One

Using iTunes to Transfer Files From Your Old iPhone to Your New One

Step 1 – First of all, in order to transfer all your files from your old iPhone to your new one, you need to download iTunes. However, since you’re already a long-time Apple smartphone user, then chances are you already have the program installed in your computer. Now you need to make sure that the free space coincides with your new smartphone. After all, 64GB worth of data is not going to fit inside a 32GB storage. However, what you can do is leave some files inside the cloud or inside your computer if it doesn’t fit the storage space for your new phone.

Step 2 – With your new iPhone connected to your computer and iTunes is running, you have to do a back up of your existing iOS device. Plug your first phone in and sync it to the application. It should automatically back up your data into iTunes once it syncs properly. Once the process is complete, you can then eject your old phone and set it aside.

Step 3 – Keep iTunes open and connect your new Apple iPhone to the computer. This time, in the “Welcome to Your New Phone” screen, select the option “Restore from this backup” and then confirm that you’ve selected the backup that was just made moments ago with your old phone. Once you’ve selected it, click on “Continue” to start the process. Now all you have to do is sit back and relax, and if you have a ton of files and apps that need transferring, you might want to do something else, like catch up on your favorite TV shows or play with your dog. When your return to your phone, you should see a message that will pop up that indicates your device needs to restart. After the restart, iTunes will do one final check, after which you can now use your new smartphone with the files and apps found in your old handset.


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