iPhone – How to Customize 3D Touch Shortcuts

With the advent of the 3D Touch feature for the iPhone, it brought about a terrific innovation to bring a whole new level of functionality for Apple’s smartphone. Oftentimes, the shortcuts brought about by using the feature are alright, but there are ways for you to customize or even manipulate some of the shortcuts that will be shown.

iPhone - How to Customize 3D Touch Shortcuts

Customizing the 3D Touch Shortcuts on Your iPhone

Step 1 – Let’s first talk about using the 3D Touch feature for the iPhone on the Phone and FaceTime apps. Using 3D Touch on the icons of these apps will let you take advantage of instant access to your Favorite people to contact. To customize which contacts appear, head to the Phone app and then tap on the “Favorites” tab. Afterwards, tap on “Edit” which can be found at the upper-right corner of the application.

Step 2 – Once you’ve accessed Edit mode within the Phone app, you will be able to use the right edge to drag your contacts to the order that you desire. The top four within your Favorites will be the ones to appear in the 3D Touch feature. You can do practically the same way for the FaceTime iPhone app.

Step 3 – As for the other apps, they work in other ways. For instance, for the Messages app, accessing the icon with the use of the 3D Touch feature will give you the three contacts that appear in your most recently contacted features rather than your favorites. These three contacts are the three people that you’ve been in recent contact with when using the Messages app.

Step 4 – Note that you can’t manipulate the order in which these contacts appear in the 3D Touch feature for the Messages app. But do note that if you delete a conversation within the app, it will also disappear from the 3D Touch menu.

Step 5 – Another iPhone app that relies on the top items for the 3D Touch feature is the Reminders application. But with the case of the Reminders app, you can move the lists to the top so that you can change which appear on the 3D Touch menu. To reorder your list of reminders, lightly press on the list and then you can drag it into the top four.  By the way, the top four items on the Reminders list are what would appear in the 3D Touch menu for the app.


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