iPhone – How to Hide Sensitive Notifications From the Lock Screen

Normally, you would have your notifications from different apps enabled from your iPhone. Therefore, you will immediately get notified as to what’s going on within the app even when you’re Apple smartphone is locked. These notifications will promptly appear on the lock screen so that you have an easy access to get to the app from the phone being securely locked. But the thing is, there are certain notifications that do display sensitive information. So picture this – you just went to the bathroom for a bit then a notification will pop up on your phone. Anyone who is in the same room as your phone will have a VIP pass to read the information displayed on the handset. But there is a way for you to hide the text of those messages without having the disable the lock screen notification as a whole.

iPhone – How to Hide Sensitive Notifications From the Lock Screen

Disabling the Text From a Notification on Your iPhone

For Android smartphones, marking some app notifications as “sensitive” will not let them appear on your lock screen, and iPhone users can take advantage of a similar feature. This is very useful to secure private information. For instance, this will prevent the Messages app from displaying account access codes that were sent through SMS on your phone’s lock screen.

First of all, do note that the messages that appear within the notifications are called “previews” or “message previews.” The Apple iPhone allows you to disable these message previews for certain apps such as Messages or Mail right from the Notifications portion found on the Settings screen.

In order to activate this feature, first open up the Settings app on your phone. Once you’re there, tap the “Notifications” portion, then tap the “Messages” or “Mail” apps found on the list. When you scroll down to either of these apps, deactivate the “Show Previews” slider. When you do, the Mail or Messages notifications will no longer show previews of incoming messages or emails on your lock screen.

But what about other apps for the iPhone? Unfortunately, the process is not as simple when it comes to other iOS applications, especially those that are made from third-party developers. There are some apps that do have a “Show Previews”-kind of option found in the application’s settings. These are not found in the smartphone’s native Settings portion, but it the apps own settings menu. You would have to check if the app has such a feature that would allow you to hide the message previews from these third-party mobile applications.


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