iPhone – How to Monitor Data Usage

When you acquired your iPhone from a mobile carrier, then chances are it comes with a data usage cap. Therefore, if you’re afraid of going overboard so that you don’t have to pay extra charges when you use your mobile Internet, or that you don’t have to deal with your mobile Internet speed being throttled until your next billing cycle, you should know how to monitor your data usage frequently. Read on to know how to do this with your Apple smartphone.

iPhone - How to Monitor Data Usage

Monitoring Your Mobile Data Usage Using Your iPhone

Step 1 – Before anything else, you need to check how much data you can use with your iPhone. If you don’t know what your typical mobile data usage looks like, then can get a rough estimate of your data usage by contacting your mobile carrier. There are some mobile carriers that will let you view your mobile data usage when you access your account through the Internet. Check how much data you use each month so that you can plan ahead on how you’re going to budget your allocated data.

Step 2 – You can also do the same when you’re using your iPhone smartphone most of the time. First, head on to Settings, and then head on to Cellular. In the Cellular portion of the menu, scroll down and you should be able to see an amount that is displayed right under the “Cellular Data Usage” for the “Current Period.”

Step 3 – If this is the first time you’re looking at the Cellular Data Usage for the Current Period, this might get confusing. Do not panic if it shows a very large number, because this period might not be the one that you want. Therefore, the figure that is displayed there might be the data usage that has been accumulating for many months.

Step 4 – This figure does not automatically refresh every month, which is quite the inconvenient design for the iPhone (Apple, you better take note). So what can be done? You need to visit this portion of the menu every start of your cellular billing period and hit on the “Reset Statistics” option. As what the menu item says, it will reset the statistics so that you can monitor the new billing period better. There are, however, third-party applications that allow instant refreshing of these statistics every month, so you might want to head on to the App Store and check out a few.


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