iPhone – How to Stop the Smartphone From Tracking Your Frequent Locations

You probably know that your iPhone can track your location, and quite frequently at that. The feature is placed there as it is helpful for things such as marking (and reminding) where that particular photo was taken, or letting your friends and family know where you currently are. However, you might not know that by default, the iOS operating system can track these locations quite a bit that it can even make better local suggestions so that the software can give you a more personalized Today view (which can be found in your Notification Center). Still, it doesn’t mean that everyone would like to have their locations known all the time. So if you’re such an individual, know how to turn it off by reading on.

iPhone - How to Stop the Smartphone From Tracking Your Frequent Locations

Turn Location Tracking Off on Your iPhone

Step 1 – The first thing to do is head to Settings on your iPhone, and then select “Privacy.” Now, under the Privacy portion of the Settings menu, located “Location Services” and give it a tap. In the Location Services screen, you will find some pretty useful bits of information in here. You can turn off the location services entirely by sliding the toggle slider to the off position. You will be able to tell if it’s turned on when it is highlighted with green, otherwise it would be turned gray when it is turned off.

Step 2 – When you set the location services toggle slider to the off position, your iPhone smartphone will not share your location to your friends and family, and to the whole world for that matter.

Step 3 – However, if you want to customize how the feature is able to track your location with the use of specific apps, you can most definitely do that. You can customize when the location services feature will be turned on or off when a specific app is opened. Tapping on the list of apps located at the bottom of the Location Services menu will give you options on how the feature behaves. You can set it to turn on only when the app is opened, or when the app is always running in the background, or you can just turn it off entirely for that specific app even when said application is opened.

Step 4 – You can even toggle the location services feature on your iPhone for specific System Services. To do that, scroll down to the very bottom of the apps list and you will get to see “System Services.” Tap on that and you will see a bunch of sliders that you can turn on or off on how the location tracking feature should act.


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