iPhone – How to Troubleshoot for a Quick Fix

While the iPhone is garnered as one of the go-to smartphones in today’s tech community, primarily because it is a reliable device, you might easily forget that it is, in fact, an intricate portable computer. As such, it is bound to have some glitches and problems here-and-there from time-to-time. It could be that the Wi-Fi connection is acting up, or the entire system begins to slow down. As a user, what you can do is to troubleshoot the device to know what the problem is exactly.

iPhone - How to Troubleshoot for a Quick Fix

Troubleshooting Your iPhone for a Quick Fix

Step 1 – If you run into certain problems regarding an iPhone application, then the best path to take is to quit said app. For instance, when the program freezes on you, double-press on the Home button and it will bring you to Multi-tasking view. To close an app, and not just minimize it, swipe sideways until you locate the app in question. Then, swipe upwards when you see it to close it.

Step 2 – There are even some rare occasions wherein entering multi-tasking view and swiping up will not dismiss the app entirely. What you can do when this happens is to force-quit the iPhone app. To do this, hold the Sleep/Wake button for about 3 to 5-seconds, then wait until the power-off slider will appear. Then, press and hold the Home button for another 3 to 5-seconds and it will bring you back to the Home Screen, but this time the app should have quit.

Step 3 – A fresh restart on the Apple smartphone can do wonders, especially when there are slowdowns or when apps are making you lose your patience. Try turning the handset off and then on once more. Don’t just turn off the screen and then turn it back on once again as it practically does nothing else other than that. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button until the power slider will appear. Then, slide the slider to power the device off. Wait for a few seconds before powering the device back on once again.

Step 4 – At this point, if you’re still having problems with your iPhone, and you don’t want to consider getting professional help yet, then you can try a hard reset. To do this, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button, but this time press and hold the Home button at the same time until the Apple logo will appear. This will force the device to restart and clear just about any glitch that it recently encountered.


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