iPhone – How to Troubleshoot if You Can’t Receive Texts

If you were a previous iPhone user and you’ve just recently made the jump to another handset with a different operating system, say and Android phone, then there might be a chance that you can’t receive text messages from Apple smartphone users. If you’re experiencing such a scenario, then the main cause of the problem is probably due to the Apple iMessage app.

iPhone – How to Troubleshoot if You Can’t Receive Texts

The Apple iMessage App in an iPhone Can Get in the Way of Letting You Receive Texts

It would seem that when Apple went and developed the iMessage app for the iPhone, they wanted it to be as smart as possible. But the thing is, it’s trying to outsmart the user in some areas. For instance, should the user open the messaging app and will try to send a text message to an unregistered phone number, the user might assume that the message will push through, but it in reality it might not.

Instead, the iMessage app will check through Apple’s online database to see if said phone number is already registered with Apple’s iMessage service. If it is, then the text messaging application will not send a standard SMS as it will send an iMessage instead. iPhone users do not have a say on how this is done, especially when they send messages through the iMessage app. The only indication if the message sent is an iMessage is that the text bubble will be blue. Standard SMS are colored in green.

While the design promotes a seamless experience when chatting it up with iPhone users, it does promote a bit of trouble for those who are doing text conversations from Apple’s smartphone and with other users utilizing different operating systems.

So what can be done? In order to solve this problem, you would have to deregister your phone number from Apple’s iMessage service. To recall, the Cupertino, California-based tech firm is now offering the tool after it had faced the treat of lawsuits.

In order to deregister your phone number from the iMessage service, you would need to head to Apple’s Deregister and Turn Off iMessage portion of their website. In there, just enter your phone number and click on Send Code. Once you receive the code, just enter it into the same webpage then click on Submit. Your number will then be removed from the system.

Now that your phone number has been deregistered in the system, and now when an iPhone user attempts to send a text message to you, the Messages app will now automatically send you a standard SMS message. In other words, it will no longer go through Apple’s servers that might otherwise give you a bit of difficulty in having a better conversation with the other party.


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iPhone – How to Troubleshoot if You Can’t Receive Texts
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