iPhone – Learn to Skate With These Apps

For the most part, you would use your iPhone to call, text, take selfies, take a picture of your dog doing crazy things, or post something on social media. There are a bunch of apps over at the App Store that can do those things. But the Apple App Store is more than just your place to download apps that can put bunny ears on you while you take a selfie. For those who want to learn how to skate using a skateboard, do know there are apps for that as well.

iPhone - Learn to Skate With These Apps

Learn to Skate With the Help of Your iPhone

If you’re an experienced skater, or you’ve just acquired your first and very own skateboard and would like to start skating, there are a bunch of iPhone apps that can help you get better. First on the list is an application called SkateSpots, and one of the good things about it is that it is free to download over at the App Store. Just like the name of the mobile application itself, it will allow you to find skate spots within an area. Aside from letting you locate skate spots, it even shows you skate shops as well. While this app is free to download, you can unlock additional skating locations for an added fee. But don’t worry, the additional charge is pretty small, and it’s a cost that you wouldn’t mind spending on.

Then there’s an iPhone app  called RIDERS, and just like SkateSpots, this one is completely free to download and install as well. What this particular app does is that it will allow you to learn tricks, as well as track your progress, and even share them to the world if you desire. Furthermore, this application goes beyond the world of skateboarding as it covers other activities such as surfing, skiing, and BMXing.

Next there’s Shreddit, which is clearly a play of words between shredding and the popular Internet forum Reddit. This free application combines what SkateSpots can do while being a social media platform for skaters everywhere. By default, checking out its main “Explore” screen will show you posts from other users, or you can filter those posts by following other Shreddit users.

Last on this list of iPhone apps for skaters everywhere is Nike SB. This application is best described as the Vine app for skaters. You will be able to view and “Like” really short clips of others performing various tricks with their skateboard, and you can follow them as well.


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