iPhone Photography – How to Take Great Summer Photos

With the dawn of the iPhone, users are clamoring over the fact on how great its camera can take pictures; as such, the terms “iPhone Photography” was born. But even though the iPhone’s camera is great to use, it doesn’t mean that every photo you take with it is going to be a keeper. Think about it – it doesn’t mean that you have the most expensive and most powerful DSLR camera in the world that every picture taken with it is great. Photography in itself is considered an art. Therefore, if you want to take great summer photos (especially while you’re on vacation) with your iPhone, it is in your best interest to continue reading.

iPhone Photography - How to Take Great Summer Photos

Taking Great Summer Photos Through iPhone Photography

Step 1 – Instead of just taking hundreds of selfies for your iPhone Photography project for the summer, what you can do is take great pictures of landscapes with it. To enhance your photos even further, you can take advantage of the Apple smartphone’s Panorama shooting mode. What many would immediately do is to shoot panorama pictures horizontally. However, don’t forget to take advantage of shooting vertical panorama images as well.

Step 2 – When you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean that your photo library is just going to be full of faces, establishments, and landscapes; if there are wildlife found in your summer vacation, why not take a picture of them as well? Try you luck with peacocks, deer, farm animals, dogs, cats, pigeons, doves, and even crocodiles (but do be careful with that last one).

Step 3 – Why not bring your iPhone photography skills to the next level by bringing a lot of color into your shots? There are bound to be lots of flora and different patterns filled to the brim with bright colors that simply could not miss out. When traveling, capturing these colors would certainly brighten up your summer photo collection.

Step 4 – There are times when color is not everything with regards to your iPhone photography project. There are those instances when “black” might just be a better option to take. So instead of focusing on colors, you can take advantage of the sunrise or sunset and opt for beautiful-looking silhouettes. Just position your subject behind the source of light and the iPhone camera will automatically expose for the brightest portion of the image, making the other elements look really dark. Try it out with different subjects; you might be surprised by the outcome.


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iPhone Photography – How to Take Great Summer Photos
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