iPhone SE Review – Need a Smaller iPhone?

The iPhone SE is a strange choice of sorts, however, Apple’s marketing and explanations makes the device a complete sense. There is a growing trend for smartphones vying to become the largest among others within the sector. Therefore, it is now becoming quite a difficult challenge for consumers to hold their handsets with just one hand. Other mobile phones, such as the HTC 10, iPhone 6S Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 are all great but they’re simply too large. With this smaller phone made by the Cupertino, California-based tech giant, they have given consumers a choice with its 4-inch screen along with its compact body. These elements are now considered a rarity these days.

iPhone SE Review – Need a Smaller iPhone?

The iPhone SE Brings Back the Compact in Mobile

Aside from Apple’s other smartphone offerings, the iPhone SE is a smaller device and it is a lot easier to handle. Anyone who has used an iPhone 5 or a 5S will be able to feel at ease with this one. In fact, in terms of looks alone, they all look near identical. The only exception is that the SE can be acquired in an attractive rose-gold color as well as its cut edges are finished in matte instead of the 5 and 5s’ shiny chrome.

In terms of design alone, these phones do have an iconic look and there are many who have no problem in the company reusing it. This holds especially true if they’re trying to keep the costs of the Apple iPhone SE down. Even though the price point is lower as compared to, say the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, this 4-inch mobile device still feels of quality. It has a brushed aluminum back which is both cool to the touch as well as sturdy. The buttons are all solid, and not to mention that the device is compact enough to be used with just one hand.

Even though the looks remains with quality and the portability is enhanced, there are other aspects regarding the design that does feel dated. To start, should you not use a case with the phone, then you will find that the edges are a bit harsh, especially if you’re used to the more rounded metal sides of other contemporary smartphone designs. Furthermore, the screen’s bezel is also on the wide side, which means that you don’t get a lot of screen real-estate.

It is a good call for Apple to bring back portability for the iPhone SE, however, there are clear signs of cost cutting in certain areas. While it still has a great camera, promotes excellent performance, and has a solid battery life, there are other elements that may need sprucing up when it was still in its development stage. Still, it is refreshing to be able to hold an iPhone with one hand once again.


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