iPhone – What is the Touch Disease?

If you own an iPhone, then you might have probably heard of the Touch Disease. But what exactly is it? This is the latest way for your Apple smartphone to go up in smoke. Well, not literally, but it can make the device unusable.

iPhone - What is the Touch Disease?

Touch Disease is the Latest Thing to Worry About if You’re an iPhone Owner

Touch Disease is the name given by the electronics repair blog iFixit with regards to a particular, and a peculiar issue concerning the iPhone. Owners will find their devices to stop functioning, and the Touch ID sensor will refuse to work at all. There will also be gray bars that will appear somewhere along the top portions of the screen.

At the time of writing, Apple has not given any definitive details pertaining to this problem. However, the issue has already appeared to owners of the Cupertino, California-based smartphones, particularly those who have iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It also appears that the problem surfaces from the faulty touch controllers located on the device’s logic board. These controllers are the ones responsible for both the display as well as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Louiss Rossman, an outspoken independent technician, explains that the problem comes from the design flaw of the 6 and 6 Plus. The touch controller found on these devices do not have underfill between these and the logic board. For those who do not know what an underfill is, it is basically the glue that holds the two elements together. Hence, without it, the chip is more susceptible to be knocked around, and even be de-soldered.

There are some technicians that linked the Touch Disease problem with Bedgate, which is again another notorious issue for the 6 Plus. With Bendgate, the smartphone will bend with just a little pressure applied.

Jess Jones of iPad Rehab told Cult of Mac that the issue pertaining to these iPhone models might be caused by the fact that these units tend to bent just with a little applied pressure. “Nearly 90-percent of devices with Touch IC Disease are iPhone 6 Pluses,” according to Jones. These problems are because of Apple’s design choices. For the 6 and 6 Plus models, instead of using a metal shield to protect the board, which was what the firm used for the 5s, they have reverted to the sticker shield. Hence, the choice of cutting corners in this particular element causes a lot of problems, and these, in turn, will result in headaches for owners.


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iPhone – What is the Touch Disease?
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