iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo Review – A Fully Capable Emergency Radio

What is the iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo? It is an emergency radio that does what it is supposed to do, and then some. In fact, it can be astounding for some to know it has an impressive amount of features that have all been somehow packed into a miniscule device. It can even be used as a charger for smartphones, which is great if you need that extra charge whilst your locale is experiencing a natural disaster. It might be a wise idea to consider this unit; it will definitely be worth your while.

iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo Review - A Fully Capable Emergency Radio

The iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo Will Definitely be Worth Your While

One of the neat things about the iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo is that it can be charged through a number of different power sources. For instance, you can wind up the hand crank to bring power to the internal alternator. If cranking for a good long while might not be your thing, then you can find solar energy to be another viable option. Furthermore, the fact that the unit can be powered up with the use of the sun’s rays is already a great advantage as compared to the traditional emergency radios out there.

It even goes without saying that the iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo Emergency Radio can be recharged with the use of a DC connection, and you can even charge it when you connect it to a computer. The device even has a mini-USB port which is another option to charge it.

Aside from its many charging options, this particular emergency radio also has an excellent performance. It can be used as both a regular AM/FM radio, apart from being an emergency radio. It should be noted that it is more than capable in broadcasting the typical frequencies and the seven NOAA weather channels.

If you’re having trouble trying to fit a regular radio into your knapsack for when you’re outdoors, you don’t have to worry about that with the iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo. It has a very compact nature which makes it remarkably convenient. Aside from its very small size, it is relatively lightweight as well. The fact that it is portable enough that it can be used for individuals who regularly work outdoors. Just a minute of hand cranking will let you have enough power to place a 5-minute cell-phone call. While it is still not fully capable of bringing a smartphone battery all the way up to 100-percent, it is still a very handy device in times of need.


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