Jabra Elite Sport Review – Extremely Short Battery Life

The Jabra Elite Sport is a pair of true wireless earbuds, which means that there are no cables connecting the two earpieces together. However, it is not just content about ditching any form of wires altogether, as Jabra even added in a heart-rate monitor into the mix. This is a pleasant surprise, and one that would ultimately be a boon for marathon runners. However, with its exceedingly poor battery life, you might not be able to make it through a full marathon before the batteries would conk out.

Jabra Elite Sport Review - Extremely Short Battery Life

The Jabra Elite Sport Doesn’t Offer a Whole Lot in Terms of Battery Life

Looking at the design of the Jabra Elite Sport, it is reasonably large, but they would not stick out of your ears too much. Furthermore, because of their larger size than many other truly wireless earbuds on the market, they offer a more secure fit as compared to many of its competitors. There will be a primary earbud that houses the heart-rate monitoring function, as well as a multi-function button to answer or reject calls, or play or pause music. There is also a shortcut button to the Habra Sport Life app which can be pressed. Pressing on the shortcut button will give you live status updates during a workout. As for the secondary earbud, it houses the controls for skipping tracks and adjusting the volume.

In order for the two earbuds of the Elite Sport to communicate with each other, they use near field magnetic induction technology. Also, the secondary earbud will immediately turn on once it senses the primary earbud within range. When it comes to comfort and security, this particular pair of wireless earbuds ticks the right boxes, albeit the silicone tips do not do much in terms of outside noise isolation.

But what do they sound like? Being fitness-centered earphones, there is definitely a boost in the bass department. However, you would be happy to know that said kick is not so much. There is still a nice balance between bass, treble, and the mids. But there are some oddities that you might get to experience with the earbuds, and that is the occasional delay wherein you will hear the music first on the primary earbud before the performance goes on stereo.

However, the downfall of the Jabra Elite Sport lies in its battery life. Despite it ticking the right boxes in terms of comfort and security, and the audio performance is in the right place, battery life is rated at only a measly 3-hours. Even though the package does come with a portable charging case, you might not want to stop for a bit while running marathon just to place them inside said case to charge the earbuds.


Where to buy Jabra Elite Sport?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Jabra Elite Sport online.

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Jabra Elite Sport Review – Extremely Short Battery Life
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